5 Ways to Repurpose Your Sicily Hill Packaging

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Sicily Hill Packaging

Here at Sicily Hill, we pride ourselves on offering the most elegant and heart-warming gift sets in the business. We don't just pour our heart and soul into the products, but into the packaging as well. That is why every Sicily Hill product comes with a beautiful box that shows quality and care from the moment you, your loved ones, or business clientele unpackage their gifts.

Why let that beautifully designed packaging go to waste by being thrown in the trash? Rather, we love to encourage customers to join our environmental initiative to repurpose our high-quality packaging by finding new wonderful uses for it in the home, on the go, or even in the office. Read on for a few fun, elegant ideas for how to repurpose your Sicily Hill gift boxes in ways that will make you smile every time you use them in the future.



1) Travel Carry-On Kit

The Sicily Hill 26 ounce candle comes in a beautiful container reminiscent of classically crafted handbags as an homage to our Founder's studies in handbag design in Milan, Italy. Each box features a beautiful leatherette strap handle and a double-insulated design that not only protects your candle, but can also serve to transport a number of other travel purposes.

If you are taking a flight or a road trip in the new future, this Sicily Hill travel box can become your perfect carry-on. Any delicate items you wish to protect in travel, personal toiletries kit, makeup, or even snacks can be stored in our travel box that once held our oversized candle.


2) Keepsake Box

All of us have a few personal keepsakes that we like to store nearby so we can be reminded of their presence, and keep them safe at the same time. The elegant oversized candle container or the sleek Deluxe Duo black box can easily become your new perfect keepsake box to keep on your shelf or vanity dresser.


3) Cosmetic Storage

Keeping your cosmetics tidy at home or safely packed on-the-go can be a real challenge. Your personal collection of makeup compacts, creams, and brushes have a way of scattering over the bathroom counter or getting lost in the bottom of a purse. But, the Sicily Hill oversized candle box makes the perfect elegant container to store your cosmetics. It can sit attractively on your bathroom counter, say tucked in your desk at work, or travel with you. Packing this way ensures that your cosmetics are safe and organized in an attractive and protective container no matter where you do your touching-up.


4) Elegant Home Organization

Many of us struggle to find elegant ways to stay organized while keeping our everyday items accessible. All the personal items you like to keep near your desk can be neatly stored in a repurposed Sicily Hill Deluxe Duo box, or you can arrange several boxes together on a shelf to create sleek and elegant containers of collectibles or photographs.


5) Desktop Storage

A clean, organized desk promotes clean, organized thoughts when you're at work. Of course, keeping your desk organized is much easier said than done. We all need a variety of small personal or technical items at-hand while working, but don't need them constantly cluttering our desktop or precious drawer space.

A sleek Sicily Hill box is the perfect organization accessory for your desk, and all those little items that usually create clutter. The oversized candle box is subtly decorative and can sit on your desk or on a shelf nearby, never revealing the collection of personal items inside. While the clean lines of a repurposed Deluxe Duo box can serve as an organizer on the desk itself and look perfectly in place among the rest of your elegant workplace decor.


Here at Sicily Hill, we believe in elegance and renewability, and encourage everyone who has enjoyed a Sicily Hill product to find new, wonderful, and creative ways to reuse the luxurious packaging. Think of something new? Send us a snap shot! We would love to discover how our clientele is repurposing  to enhance their lives and help the environment at the same time.