The Duality of Morning and Evening Home Fragrance

The Duality of Morning and Evening Home Fragrance

Dearest Sicily Hill Society,

The power of scent allows us to strategically enhance our enjoyment of our environment based upon the aromas we invite into our space. Intentionally lighting candles with fragrance notes affiliated with experiences throughout our day allow us to elevate our daily routine. 


Morning Cappuccino

Most all members of our society awake to find ourselves shuffling into the kitchen with our plush slippers and disheveled hair to brew an invigorating cup of coffee. The freshly ground coffee beans sourced from international farms, mixed with the delicate froth of milk or cream, and garnished with a sprinkling of sugar granules pair for the ultimate luxury of a morning cappuccino.

This morning ritual is further elevated by lighting our cult favorite Cappuccino Candle to permeate the delectable aroma throughout your home.

Enveloping your home with the warm scent of Cappuccino while sipping on your fresh brew is the ultimate indulgence to start your day.


Evening Lavender Tea

The scent of lavender has long been associated with rest and relaxation. The heavenly floral aroma of Provençal lavender blooms layered with fragrance notes of harvested tea leaves found in our Lavender Tea Candle envelope the home in spa like tranquility. 

An evening ritual of self care is best experienced with the scent of Lavender Tea to aid in preparing you for a night of rejuvenation. We suggest pairing our candle with an experience of a hot, sudsy soak in the bathtub while hydrating your skin with a face mask, and immersing yourself in a classic novel.


Strategically pairing Sicily Hill Candles to create a luxurious sensorial experience for sectors of your day are a simple way to elevate your lifestyle.